Here are answers to frequently asked questions.



How can I print a recipe without the pictures?
Right now that function is not available.  Yes, a search for a compatible plug-in that will not cause any errors to the rest of the site is underway.  For now please use your browser to print it.  Most browsers offer this capability, so try the following: [1] Highlight the text that you want to print, [2] go to the Print Menu and select “Print Selection.”



How do I email a recipe?
You can email a recipe to yourself or someone else by clicking on the email link “Email This Recipe” which is located at the end of each recipe, before the ad, browse and comments section.



How can I subscribe to R + F?
R + F’s feeds are powered by FeedBurner.  You can subscribe here.


Nutritional Information

How do you calculate nutritional information?
The nutritional information disclosed in each recipe has been calculated using the Recipe Calculator at SparkleRecipes.  It’s a good tool and offers an expansive list of ingredients.  If for some reason specific ingredients are not available using Sparkle Recipe’s calculator, the USDA National Nutrient Database is also used as a reference.



Can we exchange links?  Can you link me?
The lists that appears in Reads is a reflection of the blogs and sites that I visit most often.  When it comes to the kitchen, I find them inspiring, entertaining or informative.  They are not the result of trade.  If you have a site, please introduce yourself.  A good read is always welcome.



Unless otherwise noted, all photos were taken by Heather.  On occasion family and friends have also taken photos; if applicable, details are listed in photo notes.  Photos are copyright Recipes and a Fork.

What camera and lenses do you use?
A Nikon D90 camera with 18-55 mm lens.

Can I use photos on your site to place on one of my blogs or sites?
As mentioned, all photos are copyright.  We work hard and spend a lot of time shooting these photos (and it’s especially difficult to take photos while preparing/baking/cooking in the kitchen).  It’s our work which we sell.  Therefore we do not allow the photos to be republished without being purchased first.  Please kindly respect our work.

Where can I purchase a print?  Can I purchase a  full-size download of a photo?
Prints and full-size downloads of photos are available for purchase.  Please contact us here.


If you have not found the answers to your questions, you can send a brief message here.