More on R+F and Kitchen Philosophy

So you’re curious to learn more about R+F (or me) and my philosophy in the kitchen.  Here goes…  I like to experiment in the kitchen.  No, I did not attend culinary school.  My “culinary education” has been limited to 3 courses.

1. One session on baking chocolate treats during my time in Boston (yes, chocolate is my favorite).  I learned how to make a chocolate souffle, yet I’m still slightly apprehensive about trying it on my own.

2. One session on authentic Thai dishes on the island of Koh Phangan.  I learned how to make beef pad see ew (my favorite Thai dish).  After a few moves across the country, I misplaced the recipe and I’m now in search of a comparable one.

3.  A home economics course over 2 decades ago in middle school where I learned to boil an egg and sew a button  (does that count?)  Although I still haven’t gotten the button down, my boiling is tops.

Although my “culinary education” is limited, I’ve learned a lot through reading recipe books, scouring food sites and magazines, watching cooking shows (essentially all forms of media) and general trial and error.  Scorched cookies, wet cakes, sounding fire alarms, you name it.

On Recipes. I like recipes for any occasion – dinner parties, holidays, or just around the house – and love it when friends and family enjoy eating them.  And although I think Himalayan pink salt sounds like a fun addition to a recipe, I belive that ingredients should be accessible.  If I can find it at the local market, then I’m all for it.

On Kitchens and Utensils. My kitchen is simple.  I made a few moves over the years and lived in apartments with modest kitchens.  This means that my kitchen has the basics.  I do not have a piping bag, but I do have an electric hand mixer.  I admit, I try to avoid it because I prefer to have one less thing to clean.  I think good food can be made in a simple kitchen and with basic utensils.


In short, I believe the kitchen should be a no-stress and uncomplicated environment; and that recipes should not be intimidating.  I’d like to share these simple recipes with you.